Crochet Therapy

How Crochet Helped me Heal

The past year+ has been full of unknowns and I honestly don’t know what the future holds anymore. But, I do know I have this passion for creativity through crochet and I want to share it with anyone else who wants to learn or cheer each other on.


Pokemon Family Time

PokemonGO has become a family favorite! The grandkids love throwing these crocheted balls and I don’t fear them hurting each other or breaking anything with them.


Crochet to the Rescue!

One of the absolute best things about crochet for me is the ability to make something useful. I’m a very practical gal at heart and if I see a need for something I immediately try to find a crochet remedy (like these Car Seat Strap Covers I made for the 2 year old who complained about… Continue reading Crochet to the Rescue!


Baby - c · Tutorials

Car Seat Strap Covers – Beginner Tutorial

Sore little necks, No More! Your very first crochet tutorial is here with step by step pictures! No baby? No problem. Crochet Gifts are the Best Gifts! Let’s learn!