Crochet to the Rescue!

One of the absolute best things about crochet for me is the ability to make something useful. I’m a very practical gal at heart and if I see a need for something I immediately try to find a crochet remedy (like these Car Seat Strap Covers I made for the 2 year old who complained about the straps cutting her little neck).

Last summer my grandkids came for a visit and our two Great Danes, while they are gentle giants, hadn’t been around children’s toys in a long time. My 3 yr old grandson is very attached to his “Puppy” and cannot sleep without it. No matter how good I was at watching the dogs, the unthinkable happened…Zeus chewed off the plastic eyes from Puppy. *gasp*

Hoping to avoid a complete meltdown I asked him if it was ok for me to crochet some new eyes for Puppy and to my delight he was ok with that. If I’d had time to think it through I may have tried to make the eyes look better than this, but the quick fix was good enough to make him happy.


There was more damage to the right side beyond just the eyes, but by making them a bit larger I was able to bring all the fuzzy fabric bits together. Puppy has since been on many more trips with his new eyes and is looking lovingly worn.

PATTERN for Bear Eyes or to Patch a Hole: 

Worsted weight yarn. Size 5.0mm hook (or corresponding hook to your yarn size)

Magic Circle (or Ch 4 and join to form a circle)

R1: 6 sc into magic circle (6 st)

R2: 2sc into each stitch around (12 st)

R3: (*If needed larger) 2sc in one stitch, 1sc in the next 2 stitches, Repeat around. (18st)

Finish off leaving a long tail. Sew the round eyes onto the bear using the tail and a needle.

Next up on my repair list is an old lap blanket with some holes just large enough to fit a crochet granny square. We’ll see how that turns out!

What unusual items have you rescued with the art of crochet?

(*YES, I’m looking for more ideas!) haha

xoxo, Shay Shay




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