Pokemon Family Time


I have four children who have been Pokemon fans since they were little. I remember making a Pokeball cake from two glass bowls for one of my son’s birthdays over 15 years ago and when Team Rocket showed up complete with the cutest Pikachu Volkswagen beetle I think we solidified our ranking as the “cool” parents.

Now my kids are young adults, one married and in the military with 2 kids (my beautiful grandchildren) and they are all crazy about the new Pokemon Go app. We recently took all 9 of us on a road trip from Florida to Nashville, TN to visit my parents and they played the app all through the trip. It has been great bonding for all of us!

I brought an assortment of cotton yarn with me to make some washcloths, but of course I had to go to the store when we got there for MORE yarn when I decided to make them some Pokeballs. The grandkids love throwing these crocheted balls and I don’t fear them hurting each other or breaking anything with them.

It’s just a simple ball pattern using red, black, and white yarn. Here’s a pattern for you to follow along with from Cherry Floss Crafts’ blog.

Pokeball Pattern click here

It’s been such an amazing time having all of the family together again for a few weeks. It’s important for a family to play together and if Pokemon is it, then I’m in 100%!

How does your family play together? I’d love to hear!

P.S. Charmander is my favorite and was my first catch! ❤

xoxo Shay Shay


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